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Monday, November 9, 2009

My Little Man Turns 9 Today

Today is my youngest son Thomas' 9th Birthday......... He was a bit of a "surprise" as you would call it. When I had my oldest son Nicholas, I thought to myself "that is it for me". I figured since my husband had 3 children from his first marriage, that I was totally fine with me only having to raise 1 child but he would still have siblings. (ya know, I figured "best of both worlds")
But then I guess there was a careless night in Feb of 2000, while we were living in New York (ooops) and about 5 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. Now at this point I had been married for about 5years, Nick was 7years old (yeah, yeah I know.......) and I really didn't know if I wanted to do this all over again. I love children don't get me wrong, but I had just settled into this job in New York and was moving up (granted it was an Orthopedics's Office). I had already gone from Receptionist, to Secretary and ended up downstairs away from the patients helping out the Bookkeeper. I know if I had stayed I would have been Office Manager, by the time I left in the Summer of 2000 there was 8 doctors and they were making plans to move the office to a bigger place and hire even more doctors. I really wrestled with the decision, I knew we would have to leave New York and move back to Connecticut. That was so hard, my family and friends are all there.
Here we are 9 years later and I would never change my decision. (believe me, there are a lot of decisions in my life I would change...but having Nicholas and Thomas are not two of them).

Thomas is really the sweetest kid you will ever meet, he does have his dark side though. He loves scary movies and has for a few years now. It is so crazy and creepy..... he once caught the movie "Child's Play" on the regular cable channel and he was hooked. I am sure he stopped and wanted to watch it because of the title, not realizing what the movie was about! LOL
He is a funny little kid too, he definitely has my sense of humor.....he keeps me laughing every day! He is not what you would call a "boy's boy" I would have to say he is more of a "mama's boy". (but that is fine with me) He loves to go outside and play (nothing in particular) just likes to run around like a crazy kid in any kind of weather. He plays with his Nintendo Ds, the computer, is into board games now, watches tv and "plays" teacher. He is hysterical, all he wants for his Birthday and Christmas is "teacher" supplies. (for God sakes his favorite store is Staples). I am assuming he is going to be a Teacher when he grows up!
Well, I hope you get a sense of my "little man" there is way more to him, but I acutally have to go wake his butt up for school. I posted just a few recent pics, it has been too crazy for my to go dig out baby pics and upload them.


Anonymous said...

omg you know i adore that sweet face ... you have a beautiful family T! i am afraid to lurk around here since you can tell when i am on here or not .. hahaha ... i love it .... wish i had the guts to do something like this, but it would be filled with just complaining. thanks for sharing your private world with me, and i commented thomas this morning to wish him a happy birthday! love ya lots!

Cheryl said...

Oh I love that kid! He is growing up way too fast! Hope he had a great birthday!

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Happy birthday, little dude!

Margaret said...

God bless you and your little man! He seems like a fun kid. YOur kids are the same ages as mine, 9 and 16.

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