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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Office?

Ugh, as I sit here on a rainy Saturday in Ct..... I know I should be cleaning my house (ya know the one I am constantly bitchin' about being a mess?) If could just find the energy to do anything other then sit here in my chair with HGTV on in the background , computer on my lap, hanging out on Facebook, Twitter and the Blogosphere then I would do it!
Listen to me blaming my laziness on a lack of energy. It makes me feel less of a slacker and more like there is something medically wrong with me if I use the words "no energy" then "my fat ass doesn't feel like doing it today."

Back to the title of my post "My Office", my house is somewhat small and I don't have an extra room that could be "my office" (as if I am important and have a job~hahahaha~that's a joke).
So I am forced to use my coffee table as my make-shift desk/office. It isn't just any coffee table, it is one we got years ago, that the top rises up (sorry, I should have taken a pic of that fancy move). Then my husband modified it and put sides on it, so it would be somewhat enclosed. See I have a sick obsession with magazines and really don't like to part with them even after I've looked through them, so that gave me a place to hide them away. I even got some pretty baskets to contain them. (you see two baskets in the pic, but there are two more on the other side.) If I do nothing else today, it is going to be to organize and clean out my shit-hole of a coffee table / desk. I am hoping if I can accomplish this chore, it will make me better at finding important papers and bills when I need them. Now, if it could just make me have the money to actually pay all those bills that are piled up in there........that would be FREAKIN AWESOME!! But til that miracle happens , I will just be satisfied with a neat and organized coffee table or should I say "Office".


Jabulani said...

I have a whole room to call my office/sewing room. It used to be the kids' play room but since they trashed it and then moved onto their rooms and finally the sitting room, strewing chaos and mayhem as they went, I took the room away from them and confined their toys and sh!t to THEIR space, not mine. Of course, that doesn't stop them still coming in here and making a mess of the place; so another little sort out and throw away of some of their mountains of stuff is on the cards. Just don't tell them...

Cheryl said...

I have a room, and I still end up on my couch with my laptop and all my crap laying all over my family foom! LOL

KIKI said...

I know the whole issue of magazines. I have them every where or actually neatly stacked on the coffee table. I am such a pack-rat! I am trying to be better about it. Hubby hates my piles.

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