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Monday, November 30, 2009

I feel like a slacker

I haven't posted since Thanksgiving and I feel like quite the slacker........ It has been a crazy weekend, not in a "busy" way but in a "stressful" way. Having a lot of issues with the in-laws (what the HELL else is new) and I am really at the end of my rope with them and all the bullshit. My husband , I know is feeling very much "in the middle". Just like everyone else being married ( to a husband who is disabled , mind you) and raising 2 kids is not easy. I really don't feel like having the extra stress of being subjected to them and their "attitude" on a daily basis is fair to me or my kids..
We live in a side-by-side two family house and they live RIGHT NEXT DOOR...... let me give you a visual. If you have every seen the tv show "Everybody Loves Raymond" that would pretty much give you an idea of what my family life is like. My father-in-law is just as rude (even more-so) then the father Frank, my mother-in-law is a lot like Doris (just not as chipper as Doris can be, she is way more miserable). My brother-in-law is sort of the opposite of Robert (Robert is a cop) mine gets in trouble with the cops. But he is a big tall goof-ball that my MIL coddles like a 2 year old. My husband would be Ray, but his mother doesn't kiss his ass like Doris does Ray's and that would make me Deborah the only NORMAL one in the whole INSANE bunch!! UGH, I keep telling myself "one of these days, we will get the f-ck out of here" and I'm telling ya, it better happen SOON or I will not be responsible for my actions. LOL



Cheryl said...

I've been telling you to get out of there forever!! Soon, my friend...very soon. I have hope for you!

~Billie~ said...

Oh my! This cracks me up! Only because I LOVE that show and can just imagine what it would be like to actually 'live' it. Not too long ago, the house across the street from my in-laws was up for sale. There was NO WAY I was going to buy it... all I could think about was Everybody Loves Ray and I did not want to go there.
I feel for ya!

Anonymous said...

oh T ...... what can I say?! I am thinking of you ....

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