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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The Life Long BFF's at Laura's 40th Birthday Brunch.
(not the greatest pic of me, but I had to post it anyway)

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To Do Tuesday

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

Well last week was pretty much a "fail whale" in my book..... although I did get to a few things on the list, ya know the things that had to get done. I was so stressed and overwhelmed from all the details of the PTO Family Dance (which by the way was super fun and we made a profit of over $ that is totally awesome for us) Then some family drama got the best of me, and of course there was the whole laptop-shittin-the-bed thing! OMG, I still don't understand how in the hell one minute it is fine and the next , you have to have Dell send you a whole new hard drive and start from scratch?? Who is the asshole that invented viruses..... I would like slap him upside the head!! So anyway.... I am going to try to take it easy on myself this week, focus on my weight loss goals, maybe tackling little projects here and there. But in no way shape-or- form am I going to push myself this week. I am going to stay chipper, happy and focused even if it freakin kills me! So "screw" the recycling, shampooing Thomas' carpet, and I am not even going to think about PTO crap this week!

My "To Do" list for this week is:
  • Stay on track with counting my Weight Watchers points ( or do you think I should switch over to counting calories? which to be honest sounds like it must really really SUCK)
  • Stay in touch with the Mamavation Sistahood for support and laughs
  • Drink water, drink water, drink water (notice I didn't say "alcohol" staying away from that this week, I swear..... I am going to drink water til my eyeballs are yellow)
  • Catch up on blog reading. ( due to the fact I had no damn computer last week! ... ok, I will stop being so bitter about that now )
  • Daily house cleaning
That is all for this week, and if I get to some other projects then I will just take as a bonus!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change
All I am going to say is "UGH" , what a stressful week it was for me.......
First I want to congratulate Lisa and Katie on becoming the "Mamavation Moms", and of course BIG hugs to Trayce , Monica and Trish. (heard it was super close) I was so glad I could be at the Twitter party on Thursday night. Hey, I actually won something too... Dr. Renna's Nutritional Book for Children .
Like I said above, this week was not a good one for me at all. I don't handle stress very well at all. You would think by now I would , considering I have soo much of it. This week had several different family issues come up , I had the PTO Family Dance I was doing stuff for all week (it always winds up happening that I am the only one taking care of all the details for these events) Then of course the "mother" of all stresses............ my laptop decided to crash when I woke up Wednesday morning. Did nothing different Tuesday night, just woke up Wednesday morning to log on and do my regular routine and NOTHIN'. Long story-short, Dell had to send a new hard drive which didn't arrive until late Friday afternoon. So I didn't get my laptop back until Saturday. Even though I snuck in on my teenagers pc during the day while he was at school, it wasn't the same at all. I felt so "out of the loop".
So, between the stress, not getting alot of sleep, exhausting myself physically and mentally this week (not to mention a couple days of a little too much wine) I didn't even bother weighing myself this morning. I think it will upset me even more then I already am with myself. I feel so embarrassed, I had such anxiety when I saw Leah's tweet yesterday saying "looking forward to your Mamavation Monday post"
Sorry Sistas, getting my ass back in gear is my goal for this week ( I know I said that last week too, but I know I have to )
See you all at the Mamavation MomTv show tonight.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To Do Tuesday

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday
These weeks are just flying by and find myself drowning more and more in everything that has to get done. This week is no different, I have even more on my plate then normal and to be honest not sure how everything is going to get done without me losing my ever-lovin' mind in the meantime. So here it is............
1st I will start off with my weekly chores:
  • Stay on track with my eating/water drinking/wii fit (make my mamavation sistas proud)
  • keep up on the laundry
  • pay bills
  • cut coupons / stick to dinner menu
  • do the 7 items on my 365 decluttering challenge list
These are the following things I have to get done this week:
  • PTO Winter Family Dance is Friday night and I have alot to do for this.... get tableclothes, make fliers to go home to all students/parents, organize all the raffle items, make my candy/movie basket that I am donating, bake brownies, make signs, call the dj to confirm the time, set-up the gym on Friday afternoon. (whewww... I hope I didn't forget anything)
  • I never got to shampooing Thomas bedroom carpet from the last two weeks, hoping I can get that done this week.
  • return the recycling to the store. (soda cans, water bottles)
  • Still don't have a good idea for my Valentine's Day Blogger Exchange gift for my friend Robin at Masshole Mommy.
  • Finish up the gift basket for my BFF Laura's 40th birthday brunch on Sunday.
Well I guess that is it for now.... I hope everyone has a great week and if you want to join in on this To-Do-Tuesday meme thingy go link up at Crazy Adventures in Parenting and check out everyone else's lists.
Thanks xoxo

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change
My Mamavation Monday post is going to be "confession time" this week. I don't think my eating was "horrible" for most of the week. I do think I ate too much, even though I had healthier options in the house I found myself hungry all week. Totally slacked on my water drinking too, and this I just don't get. I am usually very good about my water, I don't mind drinking it at all.
I know many of you saw my tweet about going to The Christmas Tree Shops and I said that I was going to stay away from The Olive Garden, well I didn't! I had my stuffed chicken marsala (omg, it is to die for....... drooling) but in my defense I did only eat half and took the other half home. Then today I totally blew it again , gave in and really wanted to have a mimosa with my breakfast souffle ( I know some of you asked for the recipe and I promise to get to that tomorrow) I was proud of myself that I made the breakfast souffle Weight Watcher friendly but I went a little overboard on the mimosas. Good thing I don't drink often at all , but when I do I usually go balls-out.
So, this is a new week and my goal is to get back on track with eating better, getting in the water and try to do the Wii Fit even if it's only for 10 minutes a day. (my foot is still very sore, but seems to be getting a little better) No weight loss for me this week, as of this morning it stayed the same.
I just want to say good luck to the five Mamavation Mom finalists , can't wait to see who the winners are when @bookieboo announces them at the Twitter Party Thursday Jan. 21st at 8pm EST. Make sure you vote everyday! Of course I will be at the Mamavation Monday MomTv show tonight at 10pm EST.
See you all then
Thanks again for all the support

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday Laura

Today, one of oldest friends turns the BIG 4-0. Laura and I have been friends since Kindergarten, we grew up in the same neighborhood. Of course over the 35 year friendship we have had our ups and downs but to this day we are just as close as ever. Last weekend I met her for some shopping and lunch at Friendlys, it was so nice to have some one-on-one time with her. Usually when we get together it is with our other 2 childhood friends Jen and Paulanna. I love all my BFFs, but today is all about Laura Ann ( which I love to call her, not sure she really likes it though ) Since Friday I have been changing my profile picture on Facebook to different random old photos of us from "back in the day". Everyone is enjoying them, I have given her full permission to torment and harass me, come May when it is my turn.
So, I thought I would share with you some of the photos I have been posting on Facebook. Now, listen you have to remember I am a child of the 80's so you have to look past all the hair, hairspray, bad clothes and jeez check out my eyebrows!!
Can't wait to get together again with Laura and the other girls for a special Birthday brunch next Sunday.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Six Word Saturday

"Trying to stay positive and focused"
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Don't Deserve it, But I Will Take it Anyway!

Awwww Shucks........ Today I got a few extra minutes to sit and catch up on some of my blog reading, and of course I started at one of my favorites Masshole Mommy. Robin posts just about every day, and if she is on a roll she sometimes posts 2 times in one day! Yeah, I wish I had that much in my head that could actually flow out into my computer. Ok, enough of that I will put my green-eyed monster away and get on with it. Even though I was just at her blog the other day I had to catch up on 3 or 4 posts and one of them was that she had received this award and was passing it on to little 'ol me! I don't feel that I deserve it, but I sure as shit will take it anyway!
So I decided I am going to pass this award onto my new "Mamavation Sistas" the ones who made into the Top 5 and are in the running to become one of the next two "Mamavation Moms." If you are not familiar with Mamavation go check it out. All my Sistas are helping me on my goal of losing 40lbs by my 40th birthday. I couldn't list them all, cuz jeez I think there is well over 40 of us now. Here they are ........ Good Luck Ladies!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Really Wordy Wordless Wednesday

Ok, this week I thought I would introduce you to my 2 favorite pets.....
"Tina" and "Queeny"
This is "Tina" in Petville (cuz I couldn't come up with a cute name for her)

This would be "Queeny" and she resides in Pet Society.

Gotcha, didn't I? Yeah, I am a Facebook game addict and totally admit it. I care for these two cuties every single day, make sure they are cleaned, fed, have a stylish house and are very well dressed (notice, Queeny even has a tiara) I would be what Dr. Drew Pinsky calls a "poly-addict". I have several other Facebook game addictions such as, Bejeweled , I am always in the top 3 of my leader board if not #1 , if-i-do-say-so-myself. Cafe World I have never whipped up some many dishes ever in my entire life! It is time to remodel the cafe, but I have a buzz rating of 105 right now and don't want to screw that up! ( CrAzY, I know )
Maybe, if I stepped away from the computer my other posts and lists would not be all about me bitching how my house is never clean and how my laundry is never done.

Well now that I have come out of the closet, are there any of you who would like to come forward? It is easy just state, "Hi my name is ______ and I too am a Facebook game addict.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To Do Tuesday

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday
Well that week just flew by and I have to confess that I didn't get to a couple of the things on my list from last week. I don't think I have that much going on here this week, so my list is going to be short and sweet.
  • Shampoo Thomas' bedroom carpet (this is leftover from last week)
  • Cut out coupons/grocery list/shopping (I didn't get to my coupons last week but my dinner menu is already done here )
  • Get everything together for the PTO meeting tonight (the Winter Dance is Jan. 22nd)
  • Dye my hair ( man-o-man the greys are real bad! gettin old SUCKS )
  • Figure out what to make for my Valentine's Day Blog Exchange partner, Robin at Masshole Mommy. ( we were soo giddy when we found out we were getting eachother, the dorks that we are! )
  • Start working on special gift ideas for my BFF Laura's 40th Birthday coming up this weekend. ( we have been friends since we were 5, she is more like a sister )
  • Consider joining in on the 365 Day Decluttering Challenge ( I saw that one of my fellow To Do Tuesday list makers Another Piece of the Puzzle is doing it. This I will probably tackle on my other blog, the poor thing is soo neglected lately :(

The following is my list for everyday

  • Continue on my goal of losing 40lbs by my 40th Birthday by counting my Weight Watcher points and staying accountable with my awesome Mamavation Sistas
  • Keeping up on the daily vacuuming, cleaning and the dreaded LAuNdrY
  • Continue to post / work on ideas for my blog / reading and commenting on the awesome blogs I follow

That is it for if you want to join in go check out Lisa over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting to link up.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

This is my first week of doing a Menu Plan Monday. In keeping with my new goals of losing 40lbs by my 40th birthday, being more organized and trying to keep better track of our finances, I figured this is a good way to roll all three of those in one.

Monday: Oven-roasted chicken, baked potato, veggies (to make it more healthy I will peel off the skin before I put it in the oven....that is big step for me, since we all know the "skin" is the best part!)

Tuesday: Sandwiches, soup (use left over chicken for sandwiches)

Wednesday: Spiral ham, sweet potato, veggies (I never used this ham at Christmas, so it has to be cooked but I will not make the glaze that comes with it)

Thursday: French Toast, cut-up fruit, turkey bacon or turkey breakfast sausage ( who doesn't love "night breakfast"??, I will use Weight Watchers Multigrain bread and egg substitute to make french toast)

Friday: Hot dogs & Hamburgers , french fries, cut-up veggies ( my 9yr old and I will eat the Healthy Ones hot dogs , only 2pts on WW , and my 16yr old and hubby eat the hamburgers, french fries are always baked in the oven)

Saturday: Homemade pizza , salad ( I want to try to find an alternative crust that is healthier, if not I will make a separate pizza for myself on an english muffin)

Sunday: Tacos , salad ( I don't use the taco shells that come with the kit, I use Baked Tostitos to have mine. I make it like a Taco Salad and I also use WW shredded cheese)

Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change

Well I finished my first full week of being a "Mamavation Sista" and as of this morning I lost a total of 4.8lbs. I can't tell you how excited and proud I am to be involved with such a great group of ladies. It is a bit overwhelming, there really is so many of us that it is hard to keep up. I want to wish "good luck to the ones who applied to be a "Mamavation Mom". Leah (@bookieboo ) is going to have a hard decision picking the final five.

Last week was not easy for me, Aunt Flo (wink wink) decided she was going to show up and really test me! I did try to do my Wii Fit , but I have a torn tendon in my right foot and it has been really bad the last few weeks. Went to the Dr on Wed and I am trying to get in to see an Orthopedic as soon as possible. It is hard for me to walk, never mind stand on the Wii Fit Balance Board for 20-30mins. I didn't push it , I think I did very good with my food/points and drinking all that water ( which leads to all that peeing ) but didn't beat myself up that I wasn't doing the Wii. "Baby steps", right?

I am focused on my goal of 40lbs by my 40th birthday and will do it!

I have decided to reward myself, with every 10lbs I lose, I am going to treat myself to a manicure. I never do this, the last time I had a manicure was May of 2009 and then probably 2 years before that. So that is it, keeping it short and sweet cuz I know all my Sistas are going to be busy checking up on eachother.

See all you ladies tonight at the Mamavation Show on MomTv at 10pm EST

Thanks for being there supporting me and eachother, and if anyone ever needs me I am @Tina529 on Twitter.

Luv ya Ladies.....


Saturday, January 9, 2010


I am not a happy camper! As of Jan. 1st I no longer can get HGTV or The Food Network through my cable company. To be honest I don't watch The Food Network, I'm not into cooking. I do however love love my HGTV and do watch it alot. Now when I turn to channel 30 where my beloved HGTV is supposed to be, there is a message that states it is The Scripps Network's fault that it is off the air. Cablevision claims that they are asking for a 200% increase in fees which in return would make our cable bill go up. I personally don't give a crap who's fault it is, I am sure there are two sides to this whole story. Of course it is all about money..... isn't everything?
Cablevision wants customers to put pressure on The Scripps Network and they in return want us to put pressure on Cablevision. It is a game that I have no desire in playing, I just want them to figure their shit out and get HGTV back on the air.
Thanks, just had to get that out.

Six Word Saturday

I am sorry I haven't done one a Six Word Saturday in a couple of weeks. It was a stressful/crazy holiday season for me. I am actually surprised I am here and not locked up in some mental ward somewhere. If you want to join in on the Six Word fun, link up at Show my Face.
"Lose 40lbs by my 40th Birthday"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

That would be my cutie-pie grandson Tyler who turned 6 months old yesterday!
He is hanging out in his new favorite place...the excersaucer "Gma Tina" bought him for Christmas!

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To Do Tuesday

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday
"Whewww", is all I have to say......Thank God the Holidays are done-and-over-with. The boys are back to school and my house is clean of all Christmas clutter. I am on to bigger and better things now, making 2010 an awesome year is starting off with my goal of losing 40lbs by my 40th Birthday (May 29th). Looking forward to making it happen! This is the first week of my new year and hopefully a new me... Ok, gonna get right into my "list":
  • Eat healthy, stick to my Weight Watchers points system, do my Wii Fit and support all the other "Sistahood Sistas" on Mamavation . ( This is going to be on my list every single week)
  • Haircuts for me and the boys (gotta call kelli, the hairdresser today for appointments)
  • pay bills
  • cut-out coupons/ do grocery list/ shopping / dinner menu for the rest of the week
  • babysit my cutie pie grandson Tyler this afternoon for a few hours so his mom can go visit her sick friend in the hospital (20yrs old and was just diagnosed with lung cancer.... horrible)
  • keep-up on the laundry... ( I am on such a roll and don't want to get behind again )
  • get out the carpet cleaner and do Thomas' bedroom rug, it is sooo gross looking (ewwww)
  • catch up on my blog reading (an other thing I should just list as an every week chore)
  • work on the Winter Dance at my son's school coming up on the 22nd of Jan. ( no one is doing anything for it.... WTF?)

Well that is it for now.... I am sure there is a lot I am forgetting, but that's all that comes to mind. Hope everyone has a great week. This weekly meme is brought to you by Lisa over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting, go check her out and all the other list makers that link up there.

Thanks ..... xoxoxo

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change
With the New Year, came a new promise I made to myself to lose 40lbs by my 40th birthday (May 29th, which is over 20 weeks from today) that is only 2lbs per week, and it is more manageable for me to think of it like that, it almost sounds easier to do then losing 40 whole pounds. Granted I do need to lose way more then 40lbs, but I thought that was a good (and obtainable) goal for me to get started. With money being tight, I didn't want to join Weight Watchers again. Let's face it, I know what I am supposed to do I have joined and quit 4 times over the last 8 years. I got out all my books (which I have to admit, I suck at writing down my food/points) But I knew I couldn't do it alone. I was on the phone with Cheryl over at The Budge Bunch (she is a real life friend, if you didn't already know) and I was telling her I should do a post every week on my weight loss and really wanted it to be on a Monday to keep my weekend eating" in check". I knew my bloggy friends would be awesome support.
Then on New Year's Eve I was doing some random Tweeting and Leah @bookieboo replied back to me to say "hi". We have been twitter friends for a long time but haven't talked to her in a while. I am convinced it was "meant to be" cuz the minute I saw her reply I thought "Leah can help me." Leah has had her own struggles with weight and lost well over 100lbs. Now she helps others with her two websites, BookieBoo and Mamavation. If you are not aware Mamavation is an awesome weight loss campaign , for more info go check it out HERE. You don't have to be a "Mamvation Mom" to get the weight loss support from all the great ladies on the site. There is also a great group called the "Mamavation Sistahood" which consists of women who are seriously focused on their own weight loss and heathy lifestyle. They are there to support eachother. I am trying to "get in" on the Sistahood, I think it will help keep me accountable. Let's face it, it sucks and is a lot of hard work to lose weight. Why not do it with a group of other moms who are in the same boat or have been and know exactly what you are going through. So I hope you can help me stay on track, and join my every Monday on my blog for my "Mamavation Monday" posts to see how much I lose each week. (( fingers crossed)) Oh yeah, I almost forgot Leah also hosts a "Mamavation" MomTv show on Monday nights at 10pm EST. (Jeez, she is one busy biotch I don't know how she does it all) I will be there tonight, will you?