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Saturday, January 9, 2010


I am not a happy camper! As of Jan. 1st I no longer can get HGTV or The Food Network through my cable company. To be honest I don't watch The Food Network, I'm not into cooking. I do however love love my HGTV and do watch it alot. Now when I turn to channel 30 where my beloved HGTV is supposed to be, there is a message that states it is The Scripps Network's fault that it is off the air. Cablevision claims that they are asking for a 200% increase in fees which in return would make our cable bill go up. I personally don't give a crap who's fault it is, I am sure there are two sides to this whole story. Of course it is all about money..... isn't everything?
Cablevision wants customers to put pressure on The Scripps Network and they in return want us to put pressure on Cablevision. It is a game that I have no desire in playing, I just want them to figure their shit out and get HGTV back on the air.
Thanks, just had to get that out.


msh group said...
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Mass Hole Mommy said...

I don't really watch HGTV, but I watch the Food Network A LOT (and my 5 yr old loooooves it. I think I have a future chef in the making)! I would be sooo lost without the F.N. Love me some Guy Fieri (sp).

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