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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To Do Tuesday

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

Holy Crap, it is Tuesday already?........ time is just flying by. Last week's list is all taken care of, I think it is hysterical that yesterday I checked it to make sure I did everything on there. ( As if, you all would be mad at me if I didn't get to something or that you would even know if I lied and said I did it all , when really I just sat here all week twiddling my thumbs) LOL But I did do it all ( well, maybe I "half-assed" cleaned my freezer, but I got it cleaned and somewhat organized and now I know what is in there).
So if you want to get in with the rest of us "obsessive compulsive" list makers , check out Lisa over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting to link up.
So this week is an other crazy week around here and have already done way too much, and it has only just begun. So here is my list:
*order corsage for my son's girlfriend ( he is having his Junior Dance Friday night, where he will be getting his very expensive "Class Ring")
*break down the rest of the cardboard boxes that we took out of my husband's mess of a hobby room (there is like 25 of them)
*Take back all the recycling ( soda cans and bottled water piles up around here, but at least this chore I get money back for doing)
*Get all the necessary paperwork together for my 16yr son's DRIVING TEST on Thursday. (**biting my nails...I don't even want to talk about this right now**)
* Bake for "Holiday Craft Night" at my youngest son's school on Thursday night ( yeah, have you figured out, Thursday is going to be one-fun-day) I also need to make signs, gather up trays, table clothes and some decorations.
*Try to buy a couple more Christmas gifts this week ( I did make my list last week, and actually bought a few things)
* Pay my cable bill (whooops , they called last night)
* Make grocery list/dinner list : This week I am planning on trying to live out of the freezer, we have so much in there. So hopefully my grocery list/bill will be small this week.
*Work on my PTO business ( I am the Vice President and am in charge of our Holiday Store coming up in December) Oriental Trading is my BFF right now!
* Blog designing, writing, reading and commenting ( I am a little frustrated with this whole thing right now, not feeling too much love lately. ) But I'm not giving up!
*Figure out a way to take/pay for a vacation next year: and not our regular Summer Beach Vacation with my family either. I am in desperate need of one and so is my husband and kids!!
Well, I think that is it for now..... I am sure I will be adding to it as the week goes on.
Have a great week!!


KIKI said...

I love you Tina!! xoxo

Childhood said...

That is way too many things to on any day... let alone a Tuesday!


Cheryl said...

Busy week! Have fun buying some more presents!

marymac said...

oops i just had a nervous breakdown reading your blog. i have carried my laptop over to the corner of the room where i am sitting on the floor twitching and drooling. luckily the wireless internet connection still works from here.
followed you on twitter- love your blog!

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