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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

Do You Weigh Yourself Everyday?

Hi everyone, i am here for another "weigh-in wednesday" and at tonight's Weight Watchers meeting i lost -2.4lbs for a total of -11lbs in 5 weeks!! I am soo happy about this i can't even tell you!!
I am one of those people who weigh myself every day (sometimes several times a day). My mom is constantly telling me not to do this, but i felt like if i saw the scale go would keep me "in check". But i have found out this last week it has only STRESSED ME OUT!!! I was down about 2lbs for most of the week and it was making me sooo happy. See, I had my birthday party with my family at my house on Sunday. I felt if i had it here at my house i could control the types of food we had. I bought "lean" hamburger, "lite" hot dogs (2pts) , veggie's n' dip, salsa and "baked chips", my mom made a "healthy" pasta salad and "lite" cool whip/jello pie for my birthday "cake". Have to admit i did drink 3 Coors Light beers, but HELLO it was birthday after all!!!!
So, this morning i started my Wednesday ritual of weighing myself first thing in the morning (of course i weigh myself after i have pee'd) and when i saw that scale up 2lbs from the begining of the week, i was DEPRESSED!! i knew it wouldn't get any better as the day went on...i usually only have a late breakfast on wednesday's. I feel the need to weigh-in on an empty stomach or the scale won't read my "true" weight. ( I know this all must seem very unhealthy, maybe even a little obsessive) I was very discouraged and really felt like giving up, was telling my friend Cheryl that when i got home from my meeting that i was just going to go to McDonald's and eat a friggin Big Mac, why not!!?? All i could think about all day was, " look at what i eat now, and more importantly look at what i DON'T eat now and this is what i have to show for it???"
So when i got on "lucky scale #2" tonight and she told me i lost -2.4lbs, i was soooo shocked!!
I actually went over to my mother-in-law and leader and was jumping up and down like a lunatic!!! I have decided i am going to go this whole week without weighing myself at home!! I was shocked to find out how many people don't weigh themselves at home and only do it once a week at their meeting!
So, now i am happy and still on "track" just had a slight bump in the road!! Stay tuned because i purchased a Wii Fit was my birthday present to myself!!
Yikes, say a little prayer for me and my "39" year old overweight body!!!


Cheryl (The Budge Bunch) said...

I knew you did good this week! Can't wait to hear how you like the Wii Fit!

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