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Monday, June 15, 2009

Trying to "Go For It"

I am posting today because i really want to do more then just my "Weigh-in Wednesday's". I have been tinkering around with my blog alot this week...tweeking little things here and there. I have absolutely no clue what i am doing!! I did add a couple new gadgets to my sidebar and i am very proud that i did it ALL BY MYSELF!!

I want to give an update on a couple things...... i did win the "election" at my son's elementary school for Co Vice-President!! I am looking forward to it, kinda....i guess!! EEK, i don't know, probably will be bitching about it in a future post..but for now i will just be happy i can help and hang out with a bunch of "fun" moms (we really do get along well and have alot of fun when we are together!)
My other update is on my Wii is installed and i did use it for two days, then my laziness set in and i haven't been on it since. I will say i really do like the hula hoop game, i felt like for little pain or movement i did break a sweat and it was FUN! I am hoping to get back on it soon...but of course this morning i stubbed my pinky toe so freaking hard on a piece of door molding that i think i broke it!! *OUCH*

I am really going to try to get on this blogging bandwagon and get my act together!! The shy part of me is winning-out right now and i am trying to change that!! Gotta just put myself out there and go for it!!


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