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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just Came To Mind......

About an hour ago i was sitting here with an idea for a post, then my 8yr old son came in and begged me to watch him in the pool!! So, now i am inside and trying to remember for the life of me what i was going to say!!! It is bad enough i don't blog that much as it is, how is it that at 39yrs of age i am seeing signs of "old age" setting in. (maybe i don't need to be that dramatic, probably just a "brain-fart") I am hoping that as i write , the idea will come back to me......but in the mean time i will talk about my 16yr old son. (cuz he just pissed me off, so i am going with that!)

If you saw my "Wordless Wednesday" last know my son recently got his Learner's Permit. Here in Ct new laws have taken effect and the kids have to go through a mandatory Driver's Ed program. The program i signed him up for includes the 8hr Drug and Alcohol class, 8hrs of time with a Driving Instructor and then 30hrs in the classroom for the bargain price of $550.00. (yikes, i better get a good discount on insurance when he gets his License)

Today was his 2nd lesson with the Instructor Robin, they go out driving around for 2hrs at a time. When i picked him up, he was complaining she was a "pain in the ass"........uh, HELLOOO she is teaching you how to drive a deadly machine!!!! I would hope she is a pain in the ass, to me that means she is doing her job!! As he was driving home from lessons......i was thinking to myself "he still needs to practice a lot more!!" Pulling into our driveway, he went to park where my husband normally parks his truck and usually i don't say anything. But today my father-in-law was mowing the lawn and if Nick parked there, my father-in-law would have a hard time maneuvering the tractor to put it back in it's spot. (Last winter, my Father-in-law totally my car in our driveway.....long-ass story i will have to tell at another time!) Because of this we make sure all of our cars are out of his way!!!
I asked Nick to back up and put the truck in "my spot"......he proceeded to back up way tooo fast not cutting the wheel enough and almost drove on the lawn running over my father-in-law and their beloved poodle "Stewe"!! So of course i yelled "STOP" and he got sooo pissed at me......" YOU CAN'T FREAK OUT AT ME, IT MAKES ME FREAK OUT!" oh really buddy.... and i know this is just the begining (and i am sure he was saying some nasty things to himself in his head) we really don't fight at all and he really doesn't get snippy with me like i know teenagers can with their parents.I am soooo worried about when he gets his license and drives a car on his own and i am not there to yell "STOP or SLOW DOWN"
I don't want my 8yr old to grow anymore, he is at such a great age right now......gotta figure a way to stunt his growth!!



Cheryl (The Budge Bunch) said...

you will survive this driving thing...i also wish thomas could stay 8 years old. he is the cutest!!

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