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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Poor Pool

Awwww, doesn't my poor pool look soooo lonely??

Here in Connecticut the weather is not very summer-like, even though Sunday marked the 1st official day of summer. My kids are done with school (my 8yr old has been done for a week already). We have been stuck in the house with the cool, rainy weather we have been having.

I am as white as a ghost and really need to work on my tan before we head to the Jersey Shore in a little less then a month. I have not really even obsessed about the "clothes switch-over", since there has been a need for jeans, long sleeve t-shirts and even sweatshirts, it is just "CRAZY".

So if anyone out there as any "pull" with Mother Nature.......could you please put in a good word for us poor folks and poor pools here in the Northeast.




Cheryl said...

I know!!! I can't take this weather anymore! I want to come swimming in your pool! :)

Cascia said...

It has been unusually cooler out here too. Finally this week the temperatures are more normal for this time of year. I hope the warm weather heads your way soon!

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