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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday

Ugh, i really didn't want to post this week..... i don't know why. I have only been posting once a week, so it is not hard for god's sake!!!

This week at Weight Watchers i lost -0.4lbs. I didn't weigh myself this week at i had no idea how i was doing. It was my "time of the month" this week, so i guess i should take a loss of any kind as a "good thing"!!
As i sat in my meeting tonight i was looking through the menu of a new pizza place that had just opened!! To me, wednesdays are my day that i splurge ....i really don't eat much before my weigh in at 4:30pm. So i have several points saved up for my dinner. I know, it is not a good thing to do....but that is how i have always done it!! I was glad to hear from the lady who sits behind me every week, on the phone with her husband saying she wanted to go to "Anthony's" ( a great Italian place here). She does the same thing as me on wednesdays, that makes me feel not so bad!! lol

Finally my husband set up my Wii Fit we will see if that helps me out in my weight loss. I look forward to getting the hang of that and blogging about that too.


Cheryl (The Budge Bunch) said...

Tina, you are doing great! Hang in there!

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