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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Fun

Saturday I took Thomas to our town's Winter Carnival and boy did we have a blast. It is held at a park, with a playground, baseball field, a man-made ice skating rink and the best sleigh riding hill EVER! There were carnival games, several bonfires, hayride, pony rides, a DJ playing some awesome tunes and an indoor building that must have had crafts, food and some exhibits ( but Thomas and I never made it inside, we went on the hayride and then right for the sledding fun! )
At first Thomas didn't want to go to the top of the hill, he would only walk half-way up then sled down from there. By the end of the day, we was walking to the tippy-top and sledding down like a pro. It was cold, but it was so much fun.... we didn't even feel it.

Above: Thomas went down with his friend Ulani on her tube.

Below: It was "the mom's turn" my friends and I had a ball going down
(we linked the 3 tubes together and went for it)
from left to right it is Jackie, me, Yaneth and Dora
We took out Dora's son Bryon half way down, you can't see him but his tangled up in that mess somewhere.

I am so glad Yaneth called me Friday night to remind me about the Carnival, we had a blast hanging out, sledding and laughing with eachother.


blueviolet said...

Oh my gosh, that looks like SO much fun!

Daenel said...

They look like they had a great time.

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