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Monday, February 8, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change

Well it was yet another stressful week for me, it's pretty much the "story of my life" lately.
It was a horrible week with "Aunt Flo" visiting....... the older I get, the more of an aggravating bitch she is! I tell ya, I am thinking I would much rather have "Uncle Flash" come and hang-out. (stole that one from a friend on Facebook ... LMAO) I swear all week, all I could think about was a friggin cupcake! Ok, confession time..... I think I really wanted the frosting, so to stop the obsessive thoughts of a cupcake. I just took the damn tub of frosting and had 2 spoonfuls and then threw it out!! ( glad that is off my chest.... )

Moving right along..... My husband had his gallbladder taken out on Wednesday, he is better now. Still a little sore, but he has been through way worse. This surgery was a "piece of cake" in comparison to his 3 previous neck surgeries. ( jeez, did I just say "cake" again..... SORRY)

With all that said , I am down 1lbs 1 oz this week ( weighed in on Sunday morning ).

This week I want/need to concentrate on eating more veggies , make sure I get my water "in" everyday ( I think last week I fell short a couple days ) , eat slower ( learned that from some of Sista's posts last week) working-out ( even if it's just doing the Wii Fit )

Hope to see everyone at the Mamavation Show tonight at 10pm EST . Don't forget it is streaming live on Stickam for now, not MomTv. I hear Tracey Mallett is the special guest, plus I can't wait to see how Lisa and Katie did this week! Leah has some more awesome giveaways for everyone too. whoooo hoooo


Trish said...

HUGS you are doing good...we all have that little aggrivation.
Glad to hear about your Hubs that all is better!

Get Real Girl said...

You are doing great! The stress is hard to deal with, but you are still losing so that is awesome. I hope this week is uneventful in the stress department for you!

Colleen said...

Congrats on your loss!!! Glad your hubby is doing good!

kia said...

Don't sweat the frosting. Two spoonfuls will not kill ya. Now if you ate the whole tub I might have some choice words for you. When you do indulge make your calories count the rest of the time and plan for that splurge. I am glad your hubby is doing better. Good luck with the veggies and the rest of your goals this week.

Mrsblogalot said...

A little frosting never hurt anyone. You did throw it away after all. See? Piece of cake! oops

Anonymous said...

You are too silly..however I would have wolfed down the cupcake too (if it was chocolate). Awesome on that lb. lost, you know every bit counts. Glad to hear your DH is doing better and I love your comment about Aunt Flo, she came to visit me a couple days ago and the older I get I too want to strangle the wench. You're doing great!!

bookieboo said...

That is EXACTLY what I would have done with the frosting. Just take the bite and then throw it away. Not was fine. lol XXOO

MMM said...

Having the icing is not that big of deal! You did the right thing. Two bites, and out with it. Plus, you can then move on with your life. I SO understand that! Sometimes you just have to feed the craving.
Here's to a much better week my friend!

Rachel @seattlebabygear said...

Perfect with the frosting! Small indulgence, then toss it! Now, I recently read the ingredients on a can of frosting - read it, you'll never buy it again. I'm making mine at home from now on!

Katie aka Sailors Princess said...

hope you have a great week.

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