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Monday, February 15, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change

I'm not going to give any bullshit was a bad week.
Didn't drink my water, didn't eat very well (didn't eat much at all) and to top it off I drank on Friday night. I am paying for it now, very upset with myself and embarrassed to write this post.
I was even considering lying and acting all happy-go-lucky, but couldn't bring myself to do that.

I'm so sick of this funk that I am in, it's taking over my life. I can't seem to find the strength to push through it, it's like a vicious cycle. Going to the Dr. today and hoping she can help me out in some way. (ya know, more then just a swift kick in the ass)
I am so proud of how well all of you are doing and looking forward to the Mamavation Show tonight at our new home Mingle Media Tv Network.

Gotta get'er done... I have a goal and want to achieve it and now I only have 15 weeks to make it.

luv you all


Karla said...

Hang in ther Tina. I know the funk your in. Go check out Pete Cohen's free site and watch the videos for motivation. They are good. We are here for you!

Pamela M. Kramer said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pamela M. Kramer said...

omg! I'm sorry that was the last thing I copied and I hit paste.

My original comment was to allow yourself a few days of funk a month. We are women - lol - it's in the rule book. Just get back on track asap.

Stephen and Amanda O'Dair blog said...

*****hug****** ok first off been there and know what it is like, but know this.... I AM HERE FOR YOU!!!!! TWEET ME OUT! OK!!!!! Now you will get over this funk and you will overcome I know you will! I love you girl! @beeacutie2

Anonymous said...

i was sick too this week so you're not alone but i kept up with my water and rested up sure we all have bad weeks but you have to keep going hugs

what happens in 15 weeks

kia said...

Tina I am sorry it was a crap week. I hope the dr. can give you the help you need today. If you have no answers or solutions in site by the end of the day it may be time to start regimenting your day. Write out your to-do list, schedule when you will eat and exercise as well as all your real life responsibilities. I hope the blue funk passes soon.

Katie aka Sailors Princess said...

I feel ya on this past week. I hope that the week is much better for all of us. *hugs* keep your head up, it will be much better

trulytrayce said...

Tina for what it's worth I'm inspired by your determination. You have been here and know what it takes. Bad days happen, bad weeks happen. I'm so glad you've reached out and now can focus on today and tomorrow and all the other fresh starts! Wishing you the strength to carry on, the will to succeed and the power to overcome! XO

Colleen said...

Hope this is a better week for you...pick your head up and try to focus on this week and not last week!

bookieboo said...

We all get in a funk. That is when your brain is saying, I'm tired of this. And you just have to push through it. Your mind wants to go back to what is "normal" for it, but that "normal" got you in the predicament you are in today. So you just have to train yourself to do things differently. Don't worry, it takes some time, but if you stick with us, it will be easier. XXOO

Angela said...

Tina, let us help you out of your funk. I am proud of you for being honest with us. Hopefully you can find some of those exercises on to do. I showed you where they are, now it is up to you to do them. :)

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Tina, hang in there! Thanks for being honest with us and with yourself. Life is not always happy-go-lucky. We know that and you know that.

I hope the dr. visit was helpful. Hugs.

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