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Friday, February 12, 2010

"Mom, you didn't say that?"

First I have to say, I really wish I was a writer, I have all these things about me and my life I would love to get out onto this blog. I think my lack of skills and confidence hold me back. I don't want to sound like I'm rambling on.
(ya know, like I am now) But here I go anyway.....

I will try to make a long story , short.. About 12yrs ago in 1997 my husband and I moved back to New York (near the town where I grew up) so he could take a full time job on Wall Street doing his Audio/Visual techie crap. I was so happy to be back on my "turf" , around my friends and family. I got a job as a secretary in a very large Orthopedics office. It took some getting used to, and after much moving around the office at different positions, I landed working for the "Pain Management" Dr. He had a very different personality as me, but we got along very well. He just wanted things done his way, and as long as I did that we were "good". In 2000, I got pregnant with my youngest son and my husband's job got moved back to CT. It was hard for me to leave the job, family and friends again.
While I worked at the office , my mom became a patient of the Dr I was the secretary for. She still sees him to this day as needed. She has been having back issues and had a visit with him last week for some shots. After she came home from her appointment, she called me and said "Tina, you have to go visit Nick" ( yeah, we had cool dr's that they let us call them by their first names) "every time I go in, he asks how you are doing" Which I think is so sweet, considering I have been gone for almost 10yrs now. So I said to her " awww... I will have to take a ride down one of these days and have lunch with all my old friends" To which she says, " yeah, I tell him you are a really good mom, with two really great kids but that you have a really hard life".
WHAT, you said WHAT?....... omg, how freakin embarrassing! " Mom, you didn't say that, did you?" Guess I WON'T be going back there for lunch anytime soon....
Thanks Mom, Love you too..


Mass Hole Mommy said...


Anonymous said...

maybe your mom wanted the dr as your hubby lol

Angela said...

Aren't moms great?? ;)

Cheryl said...

Funny! Sometimes Moms say the dumbest things! LOL Mine probably would have said something totally embarrassing too! :)

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