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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change

Well well well...... here I am again, back to give this another shot. This whole losing weight/eating healthy this is NOT EASY. I have been so overwhelmed with life, stress and a cold/virus thingy (it kicked my whole family's ASSES) that once again I was not paying attention to what I should be doing.
I do want to tell you guys, that I was so upset with some family drama on Friday that I just put on my sneakers and went for a very very long walk. *OUCH* can I tell you how much my shins STILL hurt!!??? I am so out of shape plus, walking that much while very emotional I wasn't even thinking about the pain. It felt good though, but I'm sure if I had a pair of Earth Footwear sneakers I would have burned a hell-of-alot more calories. *wink wink*

I only have 26 more days til my 40th birthday, so there is no way I will even be close to my original goal of losing 40lbs. I am not going to let that discourage me, don't get me wrong I'm very disappointed in myself. It was not an unrealistic goal back in January, but I can't dwell on that now. I weighed myself this morning and will use that as my new starting weight. So check me out next week and let's keep those fingers crossed that I can have a decent loss.

See you all tonight at the Mamavation Show on Mingle Media TV.

Love ya , Miss ya .... will try to make more time for my Sistas, I PROMISE!!


bookieboo said...

I love working out when I'm upset like that. It helps me focus on what is important. People can be a pain in the ass, but just remember you control how much you let them get to you. I hate that part, but it's true. They are only as important as you make them. Smooch. XXOO

Lisa Johnston said...

Chin up, babe! We'll be here to support you this week! You can do this! :)

Have a wonderful day!


kia said...

New goal for your 40th b-day, feel as amazing as you can that day. Start now to train your body with rest, great food, hydration, and exercise. You will not get the numbers you want on the scale by then, but I want you to feel a difference when compared to how you felt Friday morning.

I hope the family drama has simmered down by now.

Thrifty Mama B said...

I went for a very long walk when I was upset before. Ended up folowing a train track into a town I didnt know lol! I was in flip flops too but I was so teary eyed and upset I didnt care. Good luck with your new weight loss goal. You CAN do it! See you tonight at the show. Have a great week!

The Maniacal Matron said...

Working out is a great stress and tension reliever! However being sick literally puts me back at square one every time ugh. I feel for you!

Good luck this week!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

So glad you're back!! I've been dealing with stress by exercising - wow! I love it! It helps release the stress and gives me the natural endorphins. Good stuff!!

Let us know how we can keep you encouraged!

Angela said...

I've missed you. Exercising is a great way to burn off steam and stress. I hope you can remember to use that tool next time you are frustrated or upset. I heart you.

~Lori~ said...

Ive missed you!! Dont you ever stay away like that ever again!

<3 you!

CJ P said...

Being sick is always a's hard to get out of bed, much less actually WORK OUT. Kudos to you for walking out your frustration rather than eating it (which is what I tend to do). I once read somewhere that doing something/meeting someone during a heightened emotional state helps build a faster and stronger connection with that thing or person (I believe the example used was a man and woman being more attracted to each other when the element of fear was added by having them meet on a tall, shaky bridge). Maybe this will help you build a stronger connection with exercising. It seems to make sense anyway, right? :)

Laurie said...

Happy Almost Birthday! Just take it one day at a time. You'll be surprised what you can accomplish in 26 days. It's not too late to make a mini goal, and it sounds like that is just what you are going to do. Hope everyone in your family is feeling better! Have a great week.

JustTracyB said...

Hey! You know you have us for support. We're here for you and haven't gone anywhere. Good to have you back. What can I do to help you along? Just let me know. I am just a tweet or email away!

KentuckyGal said...

It's not the number of times you get knocked down that determines the course of your life, it's the number of times you stand back up. Good on you for recommitting to a healthy lifestyle. I'm diggin' the mini-goal idea. That will give you the opportunity to get new successes under your belt...and I KNOW you can do it! Have a super Happy Birthday! :O)

Colleen said...

Dont get down about not making your goal...just keep trying! I have been so slow losing mine, and would have thought I would be twice as far as I am...but I keep going! Keep you head up and your feet moving!

MOMMY-MOMO said...

Sickness sucks!!! Hope you feel better soon. Keep it up girlie!

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