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Monday, March 29, 2010

Mamavation Monday / I'm BACK

Watch Lives Change

I know the calendar says "March 29th" but for me it's January 1st all over again. I have fallen so off the weight loss wagon that I lost track of time!! But I AM BACK, I promise!
I have been stressed and busy with so many other things that I put myself on the back burner once again.
Sitting here thinking that my 40th birthday is exactly 2 months away and about the promise I made to myself to lose 40lbs by my 40th. I am disappointed in myself. Not sure that is going to happen now, so far I have only lost about 10lbs. I don't know if it's possible for me to lose 30lbs in 2 months.? I will get as close to that goal as I possibly can! With my birthday fast approaching, I know what I want as a present..........a pair of Earth Footwear sneakers. I know these would help me out alot in burning calories, even by walking around the store! I am amazed that they are so affordable and look just like regular sneakers. (not like the other kinds, that are funky looking)

This week I will strive to eat well, get all my water in, get my butt back on Wii Fit and use my exercise bar/bands. I might need my Sistas to help me this week and call me out.

I feel so bad, I haven't even seen one of the new Mamavation Mom applications. (If you have applied and want me to check it out, leave me a comment with a link to your post.)

See you tonight at the Mamavation Show on Mingle Media TV


Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I need to remember to start caring for myself.

shawn said...

Me too. I'm getting back into this weight loss game. I want to lose 5-10 pounds that love me too much and don't want to leave my body. So-I'm starting to workout more. I love the wiifit hula hooping is my favorite!!!

~ Mel ~ said...

Welcome back! I'm a newbie, look forward to getting to know you. Have a super Mamavation week!

Stacey / Create a Balance said...

Welcome back. I know, personally, it is hard to get back on track (I'm still working on it). At 39 years old, I have a 18 year's old bride's maid dress I need to wear at the end June. You'd think that would be enough motivation.

I am applying to be the next Mamavation Mom and would love your support. Here is a link to my video application >

Know that I am cheering you on this week!

Pamela M. Kramer said...

Nice! Get back on that wagon girl. 40 is the new 20, haven't you heard? lol - That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Krista said...

It's so easy as a mom to put ourselves last. I do it all the time. But once we take charge of our health and our fitness we'll have so much more energy to devote to those we love it'll be worth it. I'm on week 1 and I have 2 years til my 40th birthday. I've been saying since I was 35 by the time I'm 40 I want to be in the best shape ever. Time I get in the game with you. :)

Lisa Mom of 2 boys said...

Tina, you are a rock. Even if you don't do 40 by 40 your life doesn't end there so maybe it will be 40 by 40 and 3 months? Who cares...don't beat yourself up over it. Just stay focused and push yourself to do "just one more"

kia said...

Tina!!! Back to basics, back to the beginning. Good luck to you. XOXO.

Brittney said...

It totally happens! But look at you, you're back on track! And we're so happy to have you!

bookieboo said...

Well, you can't really lose 30 lbs. in two months very healthy. I would just try to lose a pound per week and keep that up till you lose 40 lbs. It's very doable. XXOO

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