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Friday, March 26, 2010

Blockbuster Express Kiosks

The weekend is here....looking for something to do? Why not rent a movie from Blockbuster Express. It is easy and affordable, just $1.00 per night per movie. My kiosk is conveniently located in our local Big Y grocery store.
Just go to, there is no membership to join. You can locate a kiosk near you, check out which movies are available, pay for it right there online and just pick it up. I love this idea, we can choose a movie as a family and we know it will be there for us when we get to the store.
Take tonight for instance, we picked out 2 movies Amored and Old Dogs, I paid for it online and sent my 17 year old son (with the card I used to purchase the movies) to the store to pick them up.
The movies will be due back by tomorrow night at 9pm. Can't get any easier for me! hahahaha
Just like everywhere else, New Releases are available on Tuesdays.

So go ahead, what are you waiting for? Oh wait, I was given the opportunity from Collective Bias to pass on a special promotional code to my readers for a Rent One Get One Free. (that is 2 movies for the low, low price of just $ can't beat that!) Use promo code #395G13B at checkout but you have to hurry it is only good through 3/31/10.
Thanks and have a great weekend.

**Code is valid thru 3/31/2010. When you rent a movie at the regular price, you'll receive the first night's rental on a second movie FREE. Extra night charges and taxes apply. May not be combined with any other offer. Rental terms and conditions apply. Not valid at Blockbuster store locations.**


Zippy said...

Not have a 17 year old who wants to drive to get the movies. SO not fair (mine's 26 - those days of having him run out are long gone).

Cheryl said...

Can Nick pick up my movies too! LOL I love how convenient it is!

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