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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To-Do Tuesday

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

I am trying this new blog carnival sponsored by Crazy Adventures in Parenting. While doing my regular blog reading last week, Bobbi at When did I go from a Kid to a Grown-Up had done this for the first time. I love the idea of "lists" I write one everyday, sometimes I do everything on it and sometimes NOT. So, I figured I would join in and give this a try.

Tuesday: *Help out at my son's school Book Fair (9am- ??)
*Pay my Best Buy, Car Insurance and Car payment
*Laundry (that is a "given" everyday)
*Make my dinner list for the rest of the week

Wednesday: *Bake for my son's School's Bake Sale on Thursday night (brownies, cupcakes and going to attempt to make some Carmel apples)
*Make signs for Bake Sale
*Keep looking for the right blog template and background for this blog (I want a change)

Thursday: *Again help at the Book Fair (from 9am- ??)
Thursday night: *Go to /Help out at the School's Pumpkin Decorating Event/Bake Sale

Friday: *Will probably have to catch-up on all my house chores and errands
*Start working on my own Christmas list (just to jot down names, ideas and make a budget)
*Need to start making a list of items to buy for the School's Holiday Store ( I am "in-charge" of that this year, lucky me huh?)
Saturday/Sunday: *catch up on all blog reading/hop around and find new ones
*work on my other website (about my town/city)
*get our pumpkins and carve them
*weather permitting do a Haunted House or Hayride or something like that
I did see an ad for a Haunted Mini Golf place a few towns over, would love to do that.

I am sure I left out a bunch of other things I am supposed to do this week.
Alot with my son's school, because this is my first year as the PTO Vice President and of course I don't ever say NO!



Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

You know what my favorite thing is about doing this every week? When new people participate and I get to visit them for the first time, and find how much we have in common. We are so much alike I can tell, just by reading this one post! :) I'm so happy you decided to join us!

I love your list. I was actually just saying this on someone else's post how much I miss dividing my list by the day, because it helped me THAT much more with organization.

Congrats on being the PTO VP! I wish I had more time to do that, perhaps when all my children are in school I'll be able to :)

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

You sound super busy, I wish you the nest of luck with everything.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

So how did you do this week?? How'd all the events go (book fair, bake sale, halloween stuff) did they go alright? :)

Did you get a lot checked off this week? Ready to tackle another? :)

Anonymous said...

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