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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Adventure....Lets see if I Can Stick to this

Ok, so I had a little time yesterday to hop around the blogging world and came across a post from a new "blogger friend" Rainbow Jelly Ramblings. We found each other's blogs from a new "ning" site Twitter Mamas I was invited to join by @kirs10c on twitter (her blog is Scents Appeal).
What caught my eye was her post titled "Monday Weigh-In" and as some of you know I used to do a Weigh-In Wednesday post. Notice I said "used to" , that is because I haven't done my Weight Watchers all summer! This is my pattern, I do W.W. lose about 20-25lbs and then just sort of give up. I have WAY more then 20-25lbs to lose!! It is more like 90-100lbs if you go by what W.W. says I should weigh! Well I am not going there...that is just tooo much to take on right now. I would be happy being in a "real" size 14/16 , and I'm not sure what the scale would have to say in order for that to happen and I guess I really don't care!! I just want to be able to walk into any store, whether it be Walmart, Old Navy or anywhere for that matter and find myself a cute pair of pants and a shirt!!
This weekend I was going through some photos from our summer vacation to Long Beach Island, NJ and I was horrified at what I saw!! First off I wanted to go shoot my husband for taking pictures of me at the beach in the first place, then to take pictures that were from the neck down!!!????? UGH!! I guess I never really saw myself as that heavy, don't get me wrong I am not living in "La-La Land" I know that I am very very overweight, just didn't think i looked that bad!! I have a full length mirror in my room , but I only look at myself "quick" when I get dressed. So I decided that I was going to try yet again at losing weight, not sure I will go right back to W.W just yet......I have all the material here and will try on my own at first.
I have a Wii Fit that I bought myself as a birthday present in May and have only used the thing 2 or 3 times!!!!! I am going to try "The Yummy Mummy with no Tummy Challenge" that was started by A Mother's Ramblings. and see if I can stick with this one!!!

If it is ok with you guys I might just stick with my "Weigh-in Wednesdays" and do my posts that day. I also believe my friend Sandy at Organize with Sandy is going to do a "Weight Watchers Wednesday" post coming up and I would like to be a part of that too.
Thanks for the "kick in the pants" I really really needed it!!!
Stay Tuned.......xoxo


Pippa said...

That is fine by us, we will keep you on our list and will all stop by and make sure that you are keeping to your plans!

Good luck losing weight!

Kirsten said...

Thanks for the mention!! Right back 'atcha

Saving Our Way said...

Following from Twitter Mama's!

Love your blog!

RainbowJelly said...

Thanks for the mention!
Hope you succeed this time (I hope I do too!)
See you next wednesday!
Good luck!

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