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Monday, September 28, 2009

I want to be a good blogger when I grow up

I have spent most of my time lately Blog hopping instead of posting. I find it more therapeutic to read what others have to say. Can I tell you I have come across some awesome blogs and I am just jealous. The writing and honesty in the writing is as if I am sitting right there having a conversation with them. I know it is very immature, but I love it when a blogger isn't afraid to use swears in a post! I guess it makes me feel like, "see I am not the only one with the mouth of a truck driver". Although, on most days I could probably give a truck driver a run for their money.
When I first started on this venture, I thought "my life is sooo like a Soap Opera I will have material to write every freakin day!" Then all my insecurities came out like, "who the hell gives a crap about what I have to say" and "my writing sucks I never use periods, commas and I hate to capitalize." On my first blog I ever did, I decided to just go for it and write about some shit that was going on in my family.......well after 2 posts I felt like a raving lunatic and decided that is not what I wanted the world to see of me. Then I became obsessed with how my blog looked and getting a "button" I thought that was what made you in the blogging world. After that I was (and still am) worried about the name of my blog, I was never "in love with it". So now I am still worried about my blog name and design ( I know some people don't like the black background and dark colors, but I don't particularly care for plain-jane either. So I need to find something in the middle)
My point is, that I have finally come to the conclusion that blogging isn't all about the design, buttons or even about having hundreds of followers........... it is about writing something that will make someone else feel happy or feel like "jeez, Thank God I'm not the only one." I know that I am still going to have Bad Days when I think to myself "why the hell am I am doing this again?" But I do always seem to come back to it. So will have to excuse my grammar, punctuation and lack of good design for now. When I grow up I want to just be a good blogger.


Kirsten said...

That was perfect. I need to read a post like this because I have been sitting and wondering what the heck am I going to write about. I am at a dead end and don't think people are interested in my life. You just put down on paper all that I have been thinking.

Wishing you a super day!

Kirsten said...

Oh and BTW, I like your blog layout colors and title!!

Anonymous said...

You are a good blogger and just continue to be "you". It's your blog. You don't have to please anyone but you. And btw, I like the black background. Makes it easier to read....just sayin.

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I love the black background, also what you write on your blog is for you not anyone else. I enjoy reading what you have to write and so what if sometimes you sound crazy, don't use grammar correctly, cuss or any other faux paus. Have you seen my blog it is full of them.

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

By the way I will make you a blog button for nothing. Just email me the pic you want used or do you just want text?

DoofMom said...

I started writing a post much like this one. I think you've summed up what I've been feeling better than I could. I've been reading blogs instead of writing and decided last night that my blog needs a new look rather than a new post. D'oh!

Thanks for putting yourself out there . . .

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