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Monday, September 21, 2009

I know it has been a while....

Sorry, I know it has been a while since I last posted. It has been so crazy around here (unfortunetly this is the norm) About 3 weeks ago my in-laws should have been on their way home from their vacation house in Nova Scotia Canada, but I got a call that my father-in-law was taken by ambulance to the hospital for a possible heart attack or stroke. My mother-in-law was very upset and was sure he was going to die this time. My FIL is a very sick man , diabetes, several heart attacks (has a pacemaker/defibrilator) and several strokes and all the dr's have told us his next heart attack would be his last!! (nice, huh?)

Fast forward a few days and the dr's thought if they just had his defibrilator settings adjusted he would be fine and could go home Friday Sept. 11th.....but then that morning another call from my mother-in-law that he could not be released and he had to be air transported to Halifax Hospital (about 4hrs away) where they could best deal with his heart condition. His heart was racing at about 131, and they shocked him several times and would just go back to the high rate. The dr's were very morbid with her and she was convinced that by the time she made the 4hr drive to Halifax by herself , that he would be "gone". When she arrived there, they were very hopeful they could fix everything and he would be just fine. It was an electrical cell in his heart somewhere that was causing the they needed to find it and "zap" it!! (sounds easy, huh?). It was important to my husband that he get to Canada asap to be with his mother and father, no matter the situation he needed to be there. So late that afternoon he was on a plane and off to Halifax.

Fast forward another week.... with all the ups and downs (one minute the dr's would say he would be ok, the next they weren't sure he could make it) The only hope he had was a procedure to go in with a catheder to find these "bad cells" and kill them. Now I am still unclear if the procedure was new all over the world or just in Canada.... but believe it or not, it worked he seems to be fine. So they decided to bring him home last Thursday, which wasn't an easy task....... 4hr drive to the ferry boat, 5hr on the ferry boat , then a 4hr drive home from there. Seriously, to say my Father-in-law has 9 Lives is an understatement but yet again he has cheated death. He was happy to be home and eating my meatballs and spaghetti (it is the only thing I make that he will eat and not make fun of me for.) I am glad he is ok, and sure I will be bitching about him being a big pain in my ass real soon......back to the normal craziness around here!!


Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

Holy cow what a crazy few weeks.

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