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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yes, at 39 I am a Grandma...

I had a very exciting 4th of July 22yr old stepson Jason and his girlfriend Trish gave birth to my beautiful Grandson Tyler James on July 5th @ 10:50am. He came early...her due date was not until Sept. 5th. So the little man only weighed in at 4.5lbs and 17 3/4in long. (which is actually bigger then we thought he would be at 31 weeks). I was just outside the hospital room while she gave birth "all natural" (no time for the epidural). It was amazing, kinda wish i could have been in the room, but I am just glad I was there. Within 2hours of being born the fabulous team of neonatologist and nurses stablized him and he was taken by ambulance to Uconn Medical Center in Farmington, Ct to spend the next 5-6 weeks getting healthy. It is amazing how I just automatically go right into "mommy" mode and just want to help, ask questions and buy them everything they will need. They are both very responsible and I don't worry that they can't take care of him...the are just very young, nieve and maybe still a little "in-shock". I have been in Jason's life since he was about 5yrs he is just as much of a son to me as my own two. I told my mother this morning, that I have a new appreciation for her and all she does for me as my mother, friend and a grandmother. I now understand how she feels, to have your child (as an adult) need you to help them with their child. I have to say I LOVE MY MOMMY!!

To be totally honest Tyler is not my first Grandchild (technically "step-grandchildren") I also have a Granddaughter Amaya who is 3yrs old. Unfortunetly her mother has not made the best choices in her life and the relationship between her and my husband and I is not the best. We have tried her whole life to steer her in the right direction....but she has chosen a different path. It is very sad and hurts my heart, and may seem "white trashy" to some...but that is just the way life is sometimes!! It doesn't mean we don't love her and Amaya, just too hard to sit back and watch someone throw their whole life away for nothing.

I will keep all updated on Tyler. Thanks xoxoxo


Keep It Classy, Jen said...

Great post! I can't wait to read more!! Again congrats on being a Grandma!

Stefany said...

Best wishes for baby Tyler! Congrats on being a grandma.

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