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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trying To Get My Motivation Back

I am sitting here at 11:45pm tired and thinking I should just go to bed....but as usual this is the time of night that I sit and think about everything I didn't get done today during the day. How I could have gotten on my Wii Fit and didn't. How I really didn't "do" my Weight Watchers like I should have. So I get out my notebook and write-out "the list" and vow to do everything that is making me feel soo guilty tomorrow.......well guess what, that has been going on now for about a month or so!!
I can't seem to get my SHIT together!!! I need a "pill" or maybe a swift kick in the ASS!! I am sure it is a vicious cycle...maybe if I did exercise and lose weight I would have more energy to do the stuff around my house that I need/want to do. But I am a "stress" the more I stress about what has to get done, and what hasn't the more I say, "screw-it...where's the ice cream?"!!
Once again, I will get out my notebook and write "the list" and maybe just maybe tomorrow will be the day that my motivation decides to find me, before I run my fat-ass out to Wal-mart and Stop&Shop. (cuz, ya know that is where i go to run and hide from it!!)

Thanks for listening to my crazy late-night rant


Bobbi Janay said...

You can do it girl, just relax.

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

OK I am swift kicking you NOW!!!

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