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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Do Tuesday

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

This week is especially stressful and even more busy then normal... FUN FUN.
I don't even feel like writing it all down, but I will do it for Lisa. She is the crazy one who runs this bloggy carnival/meme thing and if she can do it all with 6 monkeys running around, then sure-as-shit so can I. I did get everything done on my list from last week, except "the cleaning of my closet". I need to be in the right "mood" for that kind of big job. Hoping that hits me ASAP!!
So here we go..........
  • Dinner menu (I spent tooo much money in the last couple of weeks, I'm gonna need some good recipes for 5 different ways to fix Ramen Noodle Soup)
  • Return Recyclables (got bags and bags in the back of my son's truck, maybe if i get that done, we won't have to have ramen noodle soup one night)
  • Go through my papers/magazines (they are taking over my coffee table)
  • Wake for a classmate of my youngest son Thomas (very very sad story, he was diagnosed with leukemia a month ago, but wound up passing away from a staph infection)
  • PTO Meeting (Wed night)
  • Write my review post (oops still didn't get to that one either..... need to get my act together!)
  • Hair cut for me (I'm way overdue, of course I had my son's get theirs first.... see I am a "good mom")
  • Grandma Duties (my grandson is going to start coming over every Mon and Wed)
  • Budget/pay bills
  • Pack for my "girls weekend" with my mom and sister (WHOOO-TO-THE-FREAKIN-HOO I cannot wait, I NEED this trip BADLY)
  • Need to compile a list of houses that my mom, sister and I are going to check out this weekend while in the Poconos. (we are planning on renting a house for our summer family vacation)
  • Start buying Summer clothes for the boys (Thomas needs a whole new Summer wardrobe, damn gotta remember to stunt that kid's growth some how)
  • Stay on diet (I swear this one is getting harder and harder to do.... not to mention we are already stock piling the boxes of wine for the weekend)
Well I think that is it... I'm sure I will do even way more then this but I really gotta go and start on the pile of crap on the coffee table, it all just fell on the floor.

Don't forget to go check out Lisa over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting, if you want to get in on the To Tuesday Fun.


Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Sooo... did you do it? Did you clean out that closet? (I know, I'm one to talk. How long did it take me??)

And we can be a bunch of looney tunes together. :)

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