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Monday, April 5, 2010

Mamavation Monday

Watch Lives Change

I had all these grand plans to get this post done last night but I was too tired and stuffed from Easter at my mom's. Then I thought I would get to it this morning, and as I juggled cleaning, phone calls, errands, babysitting my grandson and then helping my father-in-law with his car problems, I am just getting to it now at 9:00pm. (hey, better late then never....right?)

Last week I was focused and good with my eating and had lost about 2.8lbs, but I will confess I weighed myself before I went to Easter Brunch at my mom's house. (can't blame me.... I knew there were mimosas) Didn't weigh myself today, cuz I'm sure I gained the weight back.

This week is going to be insane, I've got alot on my plate and mind. I am going to try to stay on track as best I can. It will be beautiful out for most of the week, hoping to take my grandson for a nice long walk. God knows there is plenty of yard work to be done also.

I want to also mention that this week EA Sports Active is sponsoring our Mamavation Monday Blogging Carnival. I NEED one, I have the Wii and the Wii Fit but I hear all sorts of great things about the 30 Day Challenge. Go check them out and don't forget to catch the Mamavation Monday show tonight at 10pm EST on Mingle Media TV.


Jennifer said...

Cute Blog!

Now following!


Colleen said...

Dont blame you on weighing in when you know it will be good...hey now you have a whole week to make up for the mimosas! Enjoy the yardwork...I need to do some too, but now it is gonna be rainy this week.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

You did not gain 2.8 lbs back drinking mimosas, silly woman. But I bet you they were gooood ;)

You should try, I love using their calorie counter and fitness planner thingy to help track what I'm doing.

Rachel said...

If you DID gain back 2.8 lbs from mimosas, you would STILL not have have this post written. I think you'll be ok! ;)

Good luck this week!

bookieboo said...

I agree with Lisa. You need something to track your food so there are no surprises. That helped me tremendously when I was losing weight. XXOO

kia said...

2.8 is awesome and shows you can do it. You have had a rocky year with this program. Now do it again...2.8! I hope this week went better.

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