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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Are you active in your child's PTO/PTA?

I will be totally honest here, this is the first year that i have been full-on active in my son's school PTO. It was not by my choice either, in the begining of the year the school has an "Ice Cream Social" where they have sign up sheets for all the different activites going on in the upcoming school year. I was talking with one of the other mom's i had become friendly with and she convinced me to write my name on EVERY sheet!! (Thanks, Jackie!!)
I started to go to every monthly PTO Business Meeting, which i quickly realized was pathetic. Other then the actual Board members, there was no teachers there and only a hand full of parents. It was then i realized i had to stay involved and help out the best i could. So i have been "All-in" since Sept. Helping with "Pumpkin Decorating Night" in Oct... "Holiday Craft Night" and "Holiday Store" in Dec. "1st Annual Family Dance" we had in Feb the "Yankee Candle Fundraiser" in March and just this Friday night i helped out with our "1st Annual Movie Night"

Next year there is an open slot for a Co Vice-President and all the other mom's on the Board have nominated me....which they almost forgot to tell me before the flyer went home notifying all the parents. We found out that at least one other mom has thrown her name into the pot, but she really hasn't been that involved and in the begining of the year she wrote a nasty letter to the Superintendent and Principal stating "she didn't like the way our PTO ran things" Hellooooo, your one and only son is in Kindergarden!!!! I would like to know how the hell she even knows how things are run!!! So needless to say, they board would rather me be on and not her!! It is way more responsiblity then anyone ever thinks, but it is for the "kids" and we all have to remember that!!! So now that i have learned more about all the PTO actually does, i urge more parents to help out. It wouldn't be sooo much on the few mom's who do get involved if just more would donate a little time.

Now i have to "campaign" for votes as to not let my new friends on the Board down. It isn't going to be easy, she just seems to know everyone!! As my friend Cheryl says ( and "for someone who is not "SHY" you are "SHY". Which is a very very true statement. I am going to work on that and write up a Bio of why i should be the next Co Vice-President and get myself out there!!! SCAREY

So my question is.... "are you active in your child's PTO/PTA?"



Cheryl said...

Oh Tina! I am not active and never will be. I run the other way! You're rockin the PTO this year and I know you'll do even better next year!

Together We Save said...

I have always been and will be till my last (6th grade next year) daughter is finished. But I am in the minority. Most parents won't take the time. Pat yourself on the back for the effort.

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